Statement of Purpose

By deploying the most cutting-edge approaches from personal and asset protection to forensic investigation, we will strive to be a leading global security service provider ensuring high quality service delivery, customer satisfaction and added value for our clients and shareholders.

Quality Security Services:

Our aim is to provide cost effective and quality security services to fulfil the needs of our clients; 24 hours a day.

Partnership with clients and law enforcement agencies:

The goal is to operate our facilities and services in close partnership with law enforcement agencies. We operate strictly within the parameters of the statutory requirements and we fully endorse all regulatory requirements presented for the Security Industry.

The factors that collectively distinguish the Command Group in the security industry include:
  • A work force of approximately 1000 security officers ensure a 24-hour back-up and continuity of service
  • Employs industry best practice
  • Black empowerment status
  • National support and infrastructure